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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment With Chiropractic Care

The focus of our Tigard, Oregon chiropractic practice is to restore proper alignment to the spinal vertebrae and in so doing restore the body's flow of healing energy and balance, allowing it to experience optimum health and vitality. It does not matter whether a patient is suffering lower back pain, neck pain, or an athletic injury, when a body is balanced, it can then heal itself. Known as vitalism, this is the principle that governs our chiropractors in their treatment.


Vitalism and Chiropractic Treatment  

Vitalism, in the context of chiropractic treatment, refers to the belief that the body remains healthy until an impediment blocks its flow of healing lifeforce. When this happens, the disease takes it over or pain afflicts it. The conduit of this lifeforce or healing energy is the central nervous system flowing through the spinal column through a protective tunnel formed by the vertebrae. However, when a vertebra falls or is pushed out of alignment, it blocks the flow. And the task of the chiropractor is to restore alignment and let the healing force flow through the nervous system so the body can heal itself. 

Causes and Treatment of Lower Black Pain

Lower back pain can be caused by many things, auto accidents, sports or work injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, or a bulging or herniated disc. No matter which it is, the chiropractor will examine the patient and locate the offending vertebrae which, instead of protecting the nerves, is now resting on one. Once she locates it, she will perform what is known as a spinal or chiropractic adjustment, applying a series of quick thrusts to restore it to its proper alignment, thus balancing or stacking the vertebrae and balancing the energy flow so that the nourished body can heal and rid itself of lower back pain.

The Difference Between Chiropractic and Traditional Medicine: a Vitalist Approach versus a Mechanical Approach

Traditional medicine sees the body as the sum total of mechanical systems, i.e, the pulmonary system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, etc. The chiropractor sees the body as a dynamic, constantly changing organism intent on adapting to changing conditions so it can maintain its balance of energy.

Traditional medicine treats the symptoms, in the case of a lower back injury, the pain before it even addresses the cause. In other words, a doctor will prescribe drugs to make the patient feel better rather than attempt to address whatever is the cause of the pain or sickness. In the case of lower back pain, if he does address the misaligned vertebrae, he will most likely prescribe invasive back surgery.

A chiropractor, on the other hand, will find the misaligned vertebra or bulging disc, use spinal adjustments to correct the problem, taking away the pain in this way,  rather than giving the patient potent opioids, or ordering invasive and potentially dangerous surgery.

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If back pain is afflicting you, the choice is clear - visit a doctor of medicine and most likely be given potentially addictive opioids, and should they fail to alleviate your pain, prepare to go under the knife. Or visit our Tigard, Oregon chiropractor and experience how spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and therapeutic massage can restore your body to balance and let it restore itself. Call us for a consultation and discuss your symptoms with our chiropractors.


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