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Muscular Imbalances

Muscular Imbalances and How We Can Help

Many of our chiropractic patients at Body in Balance Wellness Center initially find their way to us when experiencing a lagging muscular soreness that limits their range of motion. That's because we use heart rate variable (HRV) technology to assess the patient's current pain level while also utilizing our Insight Millennium testing station to screen and evaluate nerve conductivity along the spine. This helps us properly assess and treat a patient's muscular imbalances at our office. Our chiropractic professionals in Tigard are here to help you with whatever pain or imbalances you are experiencing.


Are You at Risk for Muscular Imbalances Along the Spine?

You don't have to be a gym rat to incur muscular imbalances along the spine. There are many other causes, including:

  • Working in an occupation that involves repetitive motions
  • Remaining in sedentary seated positions for extended periods of time 
  • Careless posture while driving (slouched shoulders and bent leg)
  • Habitual poor posture at the keyboard (slouching, hunched shoulders, bent neck)
  • Wearing shoes with elevated heels
  • Exercise regimens that are limited to one path or plane of motion like crunches, bicep curls, squats, and seated rowing machines

Muscular imbalances often occur on one side of a joint, making it tight due to overuse, while the muscles on the other side grow weak and slack due to lack of use. Since the body's joints are surrounded by muscles that enable and control movements, muscular imbalances can occur anywhere along the spinal column or in the body. When this happens, the increased tension on one side pulls the joint out of position, creating further imbalance, causing an increased chance of injury that will eventually create more pain and less range of motion.

Contact Us at Body in Balance Wellness Centers for Relief from Muscular Imbalances

Fortunately, our team at Body in Balance Wellness Center will work with you to design a chiropractic adjustment program with physical therapy and fitness exercises to correct muscular balances along the spine. Our chiropractic care will also ensure you do not experience any more muscular imbalances in the future. If you are suffering from any pain or discomfort or want to learn more about our advanced technologies, like thermal imaging, HRV, or the Insight Millennium testing station, give us a call today. Our team is committed to providing patients in and around the Tigard area the health care they need to live pain-free.


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