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Nutrition in Lake Oswego

Just like chiropractic, nutrition is an integral part of the wellness puzzle. Dr. Guthrie will always have a conversation with practice members about nutrition in the office, particularly when we sit down and do the initial visit with you. We’ll talk to you about your diet and ask you what you eat. We’ll assess where you are and see where you can improve things. While some individuals may have a long way to go toward optimizing their diet, others are almost where they need to be and just need to tweak a few areas.

Paleo, Not Processed

We believe that it’s important to eat a diet that’s congruent with our genetic makeup. If you want to call it a diet, it’s Paleo or The Original Human Diet. A big part of this is getting away from processed foods, refined foods, preservatives, grains, sugar, dairy, corn and soy.

Dr. Guthrie will discuss how those foods cause inflammation and why it’s important to remove them from your diet. So many individuals are inflamed because they’re eating too many omega 6s fatty acids versus the healthier omega 3s. Put simply, many are eating foods that we weren’t meant to digest, and that is creating hyperinflammation — the root cause of all disease.

Weight Loss Support

If your scale refuses to budge, we want to help you shed those extra pounds. We offer a 28-day challenge that includes a protocol of consuming two healthy shakes a day and one meal a day to clean house and get the organs detoxed. Then, we’ll get you started eating paleo as part of your diet transition.

Supplementation for Better Health

When your system is in an inflammatory state, not only do we want to reduce inflammation through diet, but also through dietary supplements until you get to the point where you’re supporting your body through nutrition, exercise and chiropractic for nervous system health. Then we try to get off of some of those supplements and just stick with the basic 5: multivitamins, omega 3 fish oils, probiotics, magnesium and vitamin D. You can purchase these supplements at the practice.

A Complement to Chiropractic

banner-meet-dr-guthrieA lot of practice members will start as chiropractic patients first, but we also have people who come in just for nutrition, hormone balancing and help for the thyroid. Dr. Guthrie provides them with a complimentary chiropractic evaluation to see how their nervous system is functioning. She ties nutrition and chiropractic together. “Even if you put good food into your body, if your nervous system isn’t working at an optimal level you’re not going to absorb and process nutrients like you should.” She is passionate about education and communication and getting people to understand the big picture.

The cost of an individual nutrition evaluation and consultation is $150. We will sit down and go through your diet, find out your symptomology and what’s happening with you. Perhaps you require hormone balancing, help with your thyroid or you have an adrenal issue. We’ll take a comprehensive approach and come up with an action plan. Follow-up visits are $75.

Revitalize your health with nutritional counseling! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Nutrition in Lake Oswego
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