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Our Philosophy


At Body in Balance Wellness Center we believe that optimal health requires a commitment.

The nervous system controls and regulates every cell, organ and system of the body.  It can be negatively affected if proper spinal alignment is altered even slightly between one spinal bone (or vertebra) and another.  These misalignments are called subluxations.  Physical, chemical, or emotional stress can cause subluxations. The result of these misalignments is a nervous system that is not able to work at its best.


To be in a state of optimal health, four areas must become aligned.


testimonials-iconWe must have a healthy nerve system. It is the most important system in the body.  We could not sustain life for more than mere seconds without the messages continuously being sent from our brain to every organ, muscle, tissue and cell of our body.

testimonials-iconWe must meet our genetic requirements for food and exercise. Genetically, we are 40,000 years old, therefore, we must mimic the lifestyle of hunters and gatherers who were free of the lifestyle illnesses of today.

testimonials-iconWe must have a positive mental attitude. Your thoughts determine the neurotransmitters secreted. A negative thought is more toxic than any toxic chemical you can put in your body. Positive thinking is a requirement of a wellness lifestyle.

testimonials-iconChiropractic care must be an important part of your health regimen. Correcting spinal misalignments restores balance to the body by allowing your own innate intelligence to self-heal and self-regulate.


It is our mission to reduce or eliminate any interference blocking optimal expression of your body’s ability to heal and self-correct. By doing so, you can experience your fullest potential for life.  Be assured that we are committed to your total body wellness. In addition to chiropractic services, we are your resource for nutritional information and top-of-the-line nutritional supplements.

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