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Kate’s Testimonial

Xavier’s Testimonial


“I am so happy we brought my four year old daughter in for chiropractic treatments by Dr Guthrie. I’ve seen chiropractors through my adult life for various ailments but the thought didn’t occur to me that it could help my daughter. She’s potty trained but was having bowel movement accidents everyday, sometimes up to 4 in a day. I took her to her pediatrician and she wanted to have her take MiraLax. The treatment didn’t sit well with me and I never started her on it. Dr. Guthrie has been treating her with twice weekly adjustments for almost a month now. The accidents stopped almost
immediately. And I notice if we miss a week, she starts having them again. Her entire treatment plan is 4 months to correct the blocks in her spine. We are so happy we found this wellness treatment course!” ~ Sara Hake

“The entire staff at Body in Balance Wellness Center is supportive of you and your journey to optimal health. Dr. Guthrie will compassionately tell it like it is, but the choice is yours with what you do with information. It’s empowering to come to conclusions after considering the information provided. I also appreciate the emphasis on continuing education. At Body in Balance Wellness Center, you are part of a community that wants to live full in all areas of one’s life. I feel more energetic, I’m sleeping and beginning to make connections between things I eat and how it affects my body.” ~ Lauren Stephenson

“I had never been to a chiropractor before and so I had no clue what to expect. Dr. Guthrie made me feel very comfortable through the entire experience and really educated me about the needs of my body as we continued to meet. I have found that not only did I improve within my pain level, flexibility, and mobility I have been able to take steps to have a healthier lifestyle in my nutrition and exercising habits with the help of Dr. Guthrie. I think people looking into receiving chiropractic care should just jump into the party. It is really worth it.” ~ Tamra

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