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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be debilitating. When your shoulder is in pain, it can make simple movements like lifting your arm difficult. Fortunately, the professionals at Body in Balance Wellness Center in Tigard can help ease your shoulder pain through chiropractic care.



This is a condition that causes inflammation in the shoulder. It is a common injury for physically active people. This condition is also familiar to people who have professions that require them to perform repetitive motions all day, such as a painter. Tendinitis makes moving your arm and shoulder quite painful, and without treatment, it can result in a limited range of motion.


The shoulder is a very complex joint. One part of the shoulder is the bursa. It is made up of tiny sacs of fluid that keep your joints lubricated. When the bursa gets irritated or becomes inflamed, it causes a condition called bursitis. This condition can cause serious pain and limited range of motion.

Tendon ears

The tendons in your shoulder can tear due to degenerative diseases or when you have been injured. They can also be caused by age and overuse. You can suffer from a partial tendon tear or a full tendon tear, both of which are quite painful. The pain associated with a tendon tear can be very intense, and without treatment, you can suffer permanent damage.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff injuries are the most common shoulder injury in people over 30. There are certain jobs that make you more prone to a rotator cuff injury such as a hairstylist. You can suffer a partial tear or a complete tear, and they can both cause a great deal of pain. If the injury is severe enough, surgery may be the only available treatment option.

Shoulder Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is caused by the wear and tear that occurs when the cartilage that wraps around the end of the bone and joint breaks down. Post-traumatic arthritis is another common form of shoulder arthritis. This form occurs after a shoulder injury or shoulder surgery. All forms of shoulder arthritis are painful and can affect your range of motion. Although there is no cure for any type of arthritis, there are treatment options available to manage the pain.

Shoulder Pain Relief in Tigard, OR

If you are suffering from any type of shoulder pain, schedule an appointment with Body in Balance Wellness Center by calling us today at (503) 675-8747. Our chiropractors will create a treatment plan designed to help ease your pain. We will use several treatments such as manipulation, massage, heat and cold therapy, exercise, and ultrasound therapy to treat your pain and improve your range of motion.


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