Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Hudson have been life changing for me! I have enjoyed my positive and supportive journey with them. It has been a sense of relief to finally feel like someone is listening to me!"

- Nicky Duncan

"Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Hudson have been life changing for me. It has been a sense of relief to feel listened to and have a support system. My journey at Body and Balance has been very positive and uplifting!!"

- Anonymous

"Very much appreciate Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Hudson for their knowledge and direction. Being healthy comes down to making choices each day to take care of the body we’ve been given! Starts with adjustments!"

- Lauren Stephenson

"Dr. Guthrie & Dr. Hudson are very friendly and they use advanced diagnostic tools to set up a thorough and effective treatment plan. I knew that working at a desk all day was taking a toll on my posture. However, I didn't know how out of balance I truly was. I now have tools to help correct it and see my progress along the way. Warning, you may experience an increase in energy too!"

- Brenda Huffman

"Great team, Dr. Kim and Dr. Jessica are caring and skilled chiropractors."

- Julie Sies

"After a few rounds with Dr. Kim, I’m both taller AND better looking."

- Jeff Welsh

"Body In Balance Spinal Injury + Chronic Pain Recovery Center feels like family. If you want to heal in an environment with a friendly and inviting staff, and you want to learn more about better ways to take care of yourself, this is the place to be."

- Tabitha Wolz

"I really appreciate the advanced diagnostic tools that Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Hudson use to set up a thorough and effective treatment plan."

- II Films

"Amazing people work here! I highly recommend! Very professional and caring staff!"

- Kim Reiman

"Dr. Guthrie is a God send. I needed a new Chiropractor ASAP after my spine started going numb and I walked right in and they were incredibly helpful and flexible with my urgent case. I've been to many Chiropractors through the years after a rough car accident and playing college volleyball and she is the first doc to fully invest in me and my overall health since we know it's all connected. I feel like most other doctors give you a snap crackle pop and send you on your way, but that is not Dr. Guthrie's method. So thankful for her and the rest of her team!"

- Victoria Thompson

"I highly recommend Dr. Guthrie! She is very knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to health. I don't let just anyone adjust my neck. But I completely trust her when it comes to chiropractic care."

- Shari Saling

"Had no idea how badly my body needed regular adjustments – and they don't just stop there. Dr. Guthrie and her team are focused on your whole health regime and are a wealth of information and resources! Don't wait – call them today!"

- Cynthia Shelton

"I had no idea how out of balance my body was until I went to see Dr. Guthrie and began to understand how this misbalance was creating tension in my neck. Since working with Dr. Guthrie, the tension in my neck has lessened and I feel so much better."

- Karen Davis

"Such a warm and friendly clinic. Dr. Guthrie is so knowledgeable and takes the time to talk you through your adjustments making you feel comfortable and at ease. I felt amazing even after just my first adjustment!"

- Natasha El-Massih

"Dr. Guthrie goes beyond chiropractic care and cares about healing for your whole body. She takes care of the whole family! Birth and beyond!"

- Lacey Burt

"Dr. Guthrie is passionate about what she does and the services she offers. Her staff is very efficient and friendly and moreover, patient. Her techniques are unique and she explains everything in detail as to why she does what she does."

- Stan Robinson

"I truly feel that the providers at body and balance give quality care to their patients. They are amazing!"

- Ashley Billingsley

"Dr. Guthrie and the whole staff are highly educated and extremely caring people who will put your goals and priorities first."

- Zal Hartman

"I have had one initial visit with Dr. Guthrie & Dr. Hudson and am looking forward to getting started on the program they have recommended.

They both are a wealth of information, not only on chiropractic health but overall wellness. They knew I had to wait until after some surgery before I could start any program and were very understanding and thoughtful. They even sent me a get well card. I hope to see them within the next month or so, my body needs some adjusting, especially after hip surgery."

- Dianna Bancke

"Both Dr. Guthrie & Dr. Hudson are a wealth of information, not only on chiropractic health but overall wellness, a source of sound, scientific studies on a number of health-related topics. They both care about their clients, their lives, and well-being. And, they are friendly and kind. We love them as if they were our own family."

- Terry Hendricks

"Dr. Guthrie does a very thorough initial evaluation on the first visit so that there are objective measures to evaluate progress. Her office has a fun relaxed atmosphere and she is efficient with her visits. She is also extremely knowledgeable about wellness and nutrition and makes great recommendations for eating plans and supplements. I am so grateful I found Dr. Guthrie and her excellent staff!"

- Bonnie Shelton

"It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Hudson at Body In Balance Spinal Injury + Chronic Pain Recovery Center Wellness Center. While they are great practitioners and really focus on the whole health of the body, what stands out to me is their personable relationship with each patient. They are always happy to see each patient and take the time to greet each one by name with a smile as soon as they walk in and never let them leave without a personable goodbye. They remember details from previous conversations and always provide a fun-loving atmosphere. I really feel seen and cared for at Body In Balance Spinal Injury + Chronic Pain Recovery Center."

- Heidi Uecker

"My husband is finally able to get off his Adderall and get his life back! His nervous system is finally working again. We can’t thank Dr. Guthrie and Jessica enough for helping us get our health figured out."

- Cymbre Gudal

"The care given by Dr. Guthrie is outstanding! My husband and I see her for Chiropractic care as well as nutritional and hormone guidance. But the most amazing thing about Dr. Guthrie has been watching her treat my daughter, who has been adjusted since birth and is now 20 months. Everyone has always commented on how strong my daughter is and was from early on, she’s never had tummy issues, sleeping troubles, she has excelled with her motor skills, and hardly ever gets sick. When she does get sick or we find ourselves struggling with something we get her adjusted and she is better within a day! Dr. Guthrie is such a crucial part of my family’s health and well bring and for that I am beyond grateful for her."

- Jenn Davis

"Couldn’t even walk before seeing the Doc. After her care I am able to live life to its fullest. No more pain. I can do all of the things I used to do. I go in weekly and after a lot of stress, she can just crack it away! Go check it out! Oh, she is going to change your eating habits for the better."

- Tamera Davis

"I highly recommend Dr. Guthrie. She is extremely competent and knowledgeable, not only as a provider of chiropractic care, but she also takes a holistic approach to your health and diet. She is kind, caring, fun, and takes an interest in you, not only as a patient, but as a person. I am very grateful to the person, who referred me to Dr. Guthrie."

- Jill Voss

"Dr. Guthrie and her staff are second to none. I've been to other chiropractors, but none have taken such a holistic approach to wellness. She doesn't just do spinal adjustments, she takes the time to get to know you and understand your lifestyle and nutritional habits to make recommendations for improvement. From correcting my misalignment from a car accident many moons ago to hormone and dietary modifications, I feel better than I have in years! Thank you, Dr. Guthrie! You literally are a life saver!"

- Kelly Bishop

"I've been going to see Dr. Kim for a few months now. It started with a painful giggle (aka I threw out my back), so I called up the good doctor and she saw me immediately. After my first visit/evaluation I was kindly told I had the back of an 80-year old (I'm not yet 50). Now, I don't have any animosity towards 80-year old people, I just want my back to be as young and healthy as I feel. My weekly adjustments are invigorating and keep me grounded in a constant awareness and accountability for the health of my back. When your back is out of whack, nothing is enjoyable.
Since seeing Dr. Kim and the wonderful staff at Body In Balance Spinal Injury + Chronic Pain Recovery Center, I can honestly say my life is better. I feel more alert, more in tune with my body, and most of all feel great. For anyone who has contemplated chiropractic care I wholeheartedly recommend it and Dr. Kim and team at BiB."

- Brin Odell

"The best chiropractor ever! It is nice to be on a wellness program instead of only going in when my back was bothering me. Being preventive has increased my overall health, including dropping my blood pressure."

- Jeremy Davis

"My whole family gets care from Dr. Guthrie. She has made a big impact on my overall health by adjusting me and helping me clean up my eating. I would recommend Dr. Guthrie to anyone who is looking to get rid of western medicine and take a natural approach on getting health. It works!!"

- Lacey Davis

"I highly recommend Dr. Kimberly! She is very knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to health. Plus, I don't let just anyone adjust my neck. But I completely trust her when it comes to chiropractic care. She is making a huge difference in how my body feels. Her staff is awesome as well."

- Stacey Spence

"Dr. Guthrie and her staff are so compassionate and caring! They won't let you down! I am feeling so much more energized and on the road to a happier, healthier me! Being healthy from the inside out is so important and she will help you achieve that!"

- Kendal McDonnell

"This place makes you feel right at home, they excel in helping with your diet and getting you on the road to recovery. I am excited for my later years in life thanks to Kimberley Guthrie and her staff. I highly recommend Body In Balance Spinal Injury + Chronic Pain Recovery Center to anyone needing assistance in overall body health. :)"

- Tim Frye

"Dr. Kim Guthrie sets you straight head to toe. She takes person care in your well-being. I don't think I could have found a better Chiropractor who understands the extent of my spinal injuries and how to properly take care of them, while helping me understand the importance of good chiropractic care and how it impacts my whole body."

- Tony Halford

"This place has literally changed my life. 3 years ago I was 5'6 & 206 pounds (in BMI terms, I was obese). I had horrible back, neck, and hip problems and often threw my back out. Through an intense chiropractic program they got me back on track to where I was pain free. But they didn't stop there. They also dove into other aspects of my life, including slowly changing my diet (slowly due to my stubbornness). Today I am a happy, healthy, physically fit person who feels better at 31 at I did at 21. The thing I love most about this place is that if you tell them what you want to accomplish they will tell you what they can do and what has to happen including putting ownness on yourself as well. They put the information and responsibility in your hands to get you to the place you want to be. There's a reason I brave the drive from Tanasbourne to Lake Oswego to see Dr. Kimberly Guthrie...She's worth it!"

- Kyle Kildal

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